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The main points of this chapter include these: Next, lets turn our attention to the tuning of Oracle SQL with the use of temporary tables.

By giving your developers the ability to create temporary tables, you can radically improve the speed of certain types of Oracle SQL statements.

Every variable has a specific type associated with it. In this case, it is essential that the variable have the same type as the relation column.

If there is any type mismatch, variable assignments and comparisons may not work the way you expect.

This is achieved by the FORALL statement passing an entire PL/SQL table to the SQL engine in a single step.

Internal tests show that this process results in substantial performance increases over traditional methods. This example, assume that a Pro*C program is calling a PL/SQL function for a bulk insert. PROCEDURE customer_insert (p_cust_key IN customer.cust_key%TYPE, p_current_state IN current_state_array, p_anno_user_category IN anno_user_category_array, p_anno_name IN anno_name_array, p_color IN color_array) To properly perform the bulk insert you must get the number of items passed in by the Pro*C program.

To insert 1,000 rows using the FOR loop, there would be 1,000 context switches between PL/SQL and the Oracle library cache.

Oracle8i allows you to do bulk binds using the PL/SQL FORALL loop, which requires only one context switch.

The simplest form of program has some declarations followed by an executable section consisting of one or more of the SQL statements with which we are familiar.

You can do this by checking one of the PL/SQL parameters using the PL/SQL table built-in function COUNT.

In sum, the FORALL clause in PL/SQL can speed-up SQL DML that is called from an external programming language such as Pro*C or Pro*Cobol.

*/ BEGIN /* Executable section: procedural and SQL statements go here.

*/ /* This is the only section of the block that is required.

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You can also use the dbms_sql package for bulk inserts of Oracle rows.

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